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Eco Research. We are a one stop shop that offers market intelligence.

What We Do

Our Courses

A. Market Research

What we do:

We provide information to guide new markets, products and brands.

How we do it:

I. Quantitative Research

We have abilities and techniques to execute the following:
  • Proposal writing based on terms of reference
  • Data collection tools e.g. Questionnaire design
  • Data collection using either CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviews), CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews or PAPI (Paper and Pen Interviews)
  • Panel interviews
  • Data Processing (Data coding, Data Entry, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Tabling and Charting)
  • Report writing
  • Report findings and recommendation presentation.

II. Qualitative Research

We have abilities and techniques to execute the following:
  • Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)
  • In-depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • Transcribing
  • Consumer Immersions and ethnography
  • CLTs (Central Location Tests) for products and concept tests

B. Social Research

What we do:

We employ both quantitative and qualitative approaches to study human behavior on behalf of public sector, community based organizations (CBOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

How we do it:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) - Baseline, Midline and End Line Studies).
  • Community projects participation mobilization
  • Social Behavior Communication Evaluation
  • Opinion polls
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Drug Abuse
  • HIV & Gender Mainstreaming Surveys
  • Project Baseline and Intervention Training
  • Community Focus Group Discussions
  • Data Collection
  • Data processing
  • Reporting and presentation

C. Retail Audit

What we do:

We conduct studies of a selected sample/census of retail outlets. We gather information on a brand's sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts, and other associated aspects.

How we do it:

Retail audit help your organization develop accurate forecasts by:
  • Gathering market intelligence regarding opinions, trends, and competitors
  • Gauging interest in new products and service offerings
  • Generating a targeted list of potential new customers

D. Quality Control

What we do:

We carry out either on our own behalf or on behalf of our clients,’ measures that ensure the quality and accuracy of data being collected/analyzed using methodologies chosen and accepted for a particular study. This is usually guided by our quality control policy.

How we do it:

  • Unified training and briefing of the enumerators.
  • Respondent selection criteria are strictly adhered to.
  • Group interviewing technique (GIT) s.
  • Accompanying the enumerators.
  • Back checking; both physical and telephonic.
  • Rigorous enforcement; fraudulent enumerators are dismissed and reported to the relevant bodies such as MSRA for disciplinary action.
  • Logic checks of responses.
  • Rating responses are flagged off if filled in questionable manner.
  • Length of interviewing is gauged and if unreasonably short or long it is flagged.

E. Training & Consultancy

Over and above continuous training of our huge pool of researchers across different regions, we also offer trainings on behalf of our clients and other research firms in the following areas:
  • Manuscript writing consultancy
  • Research processes and impacts of research
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Research ethics
  • Sampling
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Transformative training
  • Data quality control

F. CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

  • Team: We have a team of over 40 CATI specialized enumerators who are trained on all research processes and on specific project needs to deliver consistent, definitive and high-quality data for our clients on various study topics
  • Work-load handled in 2019: We had 23,000+ CATI interviews completed in 2019.
  • Devices: We have invested in over 200 high spec tablets for data collection.
  • Interview audio recording capability.
  • Sample design and tailored database generation: We partner with reputable sampling companies in Europe that provide us with reliable sample databases for our projects.
  • We have heavily invested in resources to meet all types of survey needs – surveys of different scopes and varied research topics.
  • A multilingual team that is adequately trained to handle different survey topics.
  • Wide coverage in all countries in SSA region.
  • B2B and B2C surveys in different scopes.
  • Quantitative questionnaire advisory services providing sense and logic checks as well as pretesting before data collection rollout.
  • Tailored and quality survey progress updates reporting on key operational and survey topic metrics. Also focused on client reporting requirements for each survey.
  • We follow MSRA code of conduct and are regulated by this body as well as fully compliant with research industry and government code of industry operations.
  • Access to a wealth of industry knowledge in sampling, data collection techniques, methodological advice etc.
  • Experience in management of multi-country CATI studies across various markets in Africa providing a single point of contact per survey for our clients. This is through a clear centralized project management structure.
  • Cumulative team experience of over 20 years in the research industry with expertise in handling varied project topics – finance, health, media, telecom, and others targeting niche African consumers.
  • We know and are deeply rooted in the African consumer and population dynamics!

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